May Meeting Stormwater BMPs
Event Date
May 7, 2014
Registration Dates
Apr 1, 2014toMay 6, 2014
The Woodlands neighborhood in Hinsdale, Illinois has had a long history of problems related to surface water management resulting in damages to homes and personal property as well as making roads impassable during and sometimes long after significant rainfall events. Additionally, the roadway conditions and ongoing maintenance within the Woodlands neighborhood has been poor and problematic due to the lack of adequate storm water management over the past thirty years. One of the goals of the Village to manage the surface water was to maximize the use of “green initiatives.” The presentation will discuss the planning and design of the green initiative concepts throughout the neighborhood to provide the desired level of protection from surface water runoff and cost savings over conventional conveyance system design. The presentation will also discuss the decision making process, public outreach, do’s and don’ts and the best management practices used on the project which included rain gardens, bio-swales, underground storage with infiltration. Rain Gardens, bioswales, underground storage and related drainage appurtenances were all located within existing right-of-way but were planned, designed and revised as necessary to meet the collective interests of The Woodlands neighborhood, the individual residents, the project design criteria, and the Village. The final project provides an improved stormwater management system comprising of green initiative design concepts, new water mains throughout the neighborhood, lined sanitary sewers, and newly reconstructed roadways.
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